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Punt: K punts from their own 40  and the ball hits K27 at R's 20, the B beanbags it and the ball rolls forward to R's 30. 1/10 for R at R30, right?

K's coach calls a timeout and wants a conference with me.

K's coach: "Y'all are wrong, that ball should be at the 20."

Me: "No, the ball is correctly spotted."

K's coach: "The ball was dead when we touched it at the 20. There's a beanbag there."

Me: "Yes, there is a beanbag there to mark the spot of first touching but the ball became dead at the 30."

K's coach: "No, it's dead where we touched it."

Me: "The ball is dead where you recovered it, at the 30."

K's coach: "Well, if it's not dead at the 20 why did he beanbag it?"

Me: "Because that's the spot of first touching."

K's coach: "Y'all need to learn the rules."

Me: "OK."


This is the same coach who last year, in a playoff game, informed me that breaking the huddle with 12 is a foul - I explained to him that it's not and he assured me that it is. At that point I told him that in the NCAA it's a foul but in our game it's not. He informed me that I need to worry about our rules and not the NCAA's. I told him I was well versed in both, but thanked him for the tip.


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