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The STUPIDEST officiating of all time

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Covid 22:
Ok, we have all seen some really bad officiating in every sport.  But this has to be the worst of all time.

A horse runs and wins the Kentucky Derby.  A full week later he fails a drug test for an approved medication.   The only fallout is taking his name from the winners trophy and records.   But what about the $150+ million bet on this race?   I don't bet on sports but if I did and my horse came in second who the heck cares if they take his name off the trophy, where's my money.   

This is even worse than making a rule that pads have to cover the knee in football.  Wouldn't you think with the millions riding on this they would take a urine sample from every horse prior to the race and as soon as the top three cross the finish line, the test starts running. 

I would honor any bets made on the 2nd place horse, because he is the one who is now the winner because the original winner was disqualified because of drug use. However, I would not require that winnings made by those who bet on the original winner be collected, because that would be unfair.

If you were a bookie you wouldn't, unless you could claw back the money you'd already paid out on the original winning horse, which obviously you can't.  Betting houses are not going to lose out twice for something that is very obviously out of their control.

To Covid22's point, unless the testing is immediate, and a winner isn't officially declared until they pass the whiz quiz, this will always be a possibility.

Grant - AR:
I don't follow horse racing at all, so excuse me if this is a stupid question.  Does something like this happen very often?  If not, I could see this causing a change to be made similar to what Covid 22 mentioned in the original post. 

Ralph Damren:
It would seem that a payoff to bettors would not be made if the finish was under review until a decision was reached. I believe that something similar occurred a few years ago ,in a major race, where a horse was found to bump/get in the way of another horse. IMHO, once the payout had been made it would be nearly impossible to retrieve . In sports I know more of, I recall "deflategate" by Brady, Astros & Red Sox stealing signs by Cora & company. The guilty parties were punished but the bettors were not. In today's world of disclaimers on everything, I wouldn't be surprised if ,in small print, there was wordage covering situations like this on betting tickets.

On a personal note, my sole experience to horse racing was once a year my wife and I would go to the local race track and play the trotters. We would each start with $20 and once that was gone ,we would go home. I had a long-winded formula for picking the "winner" while my wife would just bet on the last horse she saw poop. I usually ran out of $ before she did :'(.
A nearby casino was opened several years ago and we quickly found a new way to lose our money !

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