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The STUPIDEST officiating of all time

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Ralph Damren:
This topic prompted me to pull from my bookshelf a book :
                             THE WORST CALL EVER!
                             By Kyle Garlett
                             HarperCollins Publishers
                             Copyright 2007
This was a gag-gift given to me at a coaches clinic several years ago  ;D. I was asked if I would like to add a chapter  :P ; I responded: "Only if I could add several more chapters about bad moves that you guys have made  ::) :P !" They jokingly agreed that they make more bad moves than we make bad calls, but they "remind  >:(  :puke: " us of ours on the spot. Reading the book led me to feel the worst call - in my heart -- was the USA-USSR Olympic basketball game in 1972. I believe that Ref. Mag had a rebuttal a few years ago stating that it was handled correctly -STILL A BAD CALL ,TO ME, I WAS A TEAM USA FAN  :(.  Bad plays by players or bad moves by coaches do not seem to  get nearly as much press as bad calls by officials. leading me to remember the ole' slogan :


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