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Momentum - when does Team B lose the momentum exception?

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Had an interesting conversation come up and some differing opinions, so I thought I would throw it out there to the group.

Let's say B12 intercepts the ball at the B-2, with his original momentum carrying him back into his own endzone.

- If he takes a knee, runs out of the endzone, or is immediately tackled, etc., the momentum rule goes into effect and B gets the ball on the 2.  Easy.

- What if B12 runs around a bit, panics as he is being tackled, and tries to pitch the ball backwards to a teammate, but the ball goes through the back of the endzone?
- What if B12 is hit and fumbles the ball through the back of the endzone?

Trying to not go too crazy with batting/impetus scenarios (or adding a penalty into the mix).

Momentum/Impetus seems to be my kryptonite.

Legacy Zebra:
Once the momentum exception applies the ONLY thing that can take it away is the ball crossing the goal line. As long as the ball stays behind the goal line anything that happens to it (attempted advancement, fumbling, passing, handing), is irrelevant. The exception also remains in place if the ball is fumbled forward from the end zone and goes out of bounds in the field of play. So in all 3 of your scenarios it is still going to be Bís ball at the 2.

Also, impetus does not change the momentum exception. You could have a fumble followed by batting by either or even both teams and the momentum exception still applies if the ball stays behind the goal line.

And as far as adding a foul, fouls donít affect momentum either. The only that would change is that the basic spot might be different depending on if momentum applies or not. After that itís just a regular 3-and-1 enforcement once youíve determined the basic spot.

I second what Legacy said.  :thumbup

Appreciate it.   I was on the same page (I think), but you said it more simply than I could have. 

I think where the confusion came in is if the backwards pass imparted new impetus on the ball.

8.7.1 says " The team responsible for the ball being out of bounds behind a
goal line or being dead in the possession of a player on, above or behind a goal
line is the team whose player carries the ball or imparts an impetus to it that
forces it on, above or across the goal line, or is responsible for a loose ball being
on, above or behind the goal line."

I take that to mean that the ball has to cross the goal line for new impetus, which would be in line with your post.

This thread may help shed some light on this, it def helped me understand impetus better...


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