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Batting a ball forward as a way to transfer a ball

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I just wanted to satisfy my curiousity about strange play technique which I knew from one coach who is known for his love of experiments and crazy ideas. Cant name him though. He offered another way to transfer a football and assured that it must be legal in International rules (IFAF = NCAA)
He suggested that batting loose ball forward on teammate as a pass is legal thing and referred to rulebook article below.
He offered first to drop a ball without throwing and then hit it with a palm forward on teammate. Technique similar to australian football except that they bat a ball in possession which is illegal in american football, thats why he decided to drop ball a little bit (fumble) first and only then hit it. According to rulebook its not a pass. It is also can be legal since intentional bat occured
a) not in end-zone
b) executed by eligible player
c) loose ball batted, not in player's possession
d) not after backward pass
Iam confused
SECTION 4. Batting and Kicking
Batting a Loose Ball
ARTICLE 1. a. While a pass is in flight, only a player who is eligible to touch
the ball may bat it in any direction (Exception: Rule 9-4-2).
b. Any player may block a scrimmage kick in the field of play or the end zone.
c. No player shall bat other loose balls forward in the field of play or in any
direction if the ball is in the end zone (Rule 2-2-3-a) (Exception: Rule 6-3-
11) (A.R. 6-3-11-I, A.R. 9-4-1-I-X and A.R. 10-2-2-II).
PENALTY—10 yards and loss of down for fouls by Team A if the loss
of down is not in conflict with other rules [S31 and S9]
[Exception: No loss of down if the foul occurs when a legal
scrimmage kick is beyond the neutral zone].
Batting a Backward Pass in Flight
ARTICLE 2. A backward pass in flight shall not be batted forward by the
passing team.
PENALTY—10 yards [S31].
Batting Ball in Possession
ARTICLE 3. A ball in player possession may not be batted forward by a player
of that team.

Legacy Zebra:
He wants to bat the ball forward to a teammate? I hope the coach didn’t waste too much time on this idea because it’s pretty clearly illegal since it is literally just batting a fumble forward. This is not a pass, as you indicated, so paragraph doesn’t even apply. We should be looking at paragraph c. Because it’s not a pass or scrimmage kick, this falls under “other loose balls”. And no player may bat a fumble forward. Ever. Doesn’t matter who fumbled, doesn’t matter who bats it.

Illegal batting, 10 yards and loss of down.

As a side note, because this is not a pass, your (b) is irrelevant. There are no “eligible players” when it comes to fumbles.

This coach perhaps applied c) only to loose ball in end-zone.


--- Quote ---c) only to loose ball in end-zone.
--- End quote ---

Mis-read: In the field of play you can not bat other loose balls (a fumble) forward.  In the end zone you can not bat other loose balls in ANY direction.


--- Quote from: HLinNC on May 28, 2021, 01:08:57 PM ---Mis-read: In the field of play you can not bat other loose balls (a fumble) forward.  In the end zone you can not bat other loose balls in ANY direction.

--- End quote ---

This "Coach" sounds a lot like a wanna-be lawyer, who would only insure his client's getting extra long jail time.


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