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Here are what I got:

1. After a Touchdown and successful 2 point try, Team A trails 24 – 22 with 0:55 left in the 4th quarter. Team A intends to try an on-side free kick from the A-35. Kicker A90 holds the ball as if he will attempt a drop kick. A90 then tosses the ball up in the air and the ball bounces just behind Team A’s restraining line and then A90 kicks the ball after it bounces several feet into the air.
RULING: A, F/K, A-30, Free Kick Rules (25). Illegal Kick; ball does not become alive, and penalty is 5 yards from the succeeding spot.

2. 3/10 @ B-30. A12, late in the second period, runs to the B-25 and throws a backward pass out of bounds to conserve time. The ball lands out of bounds at the B-27. The clock is stopped at 1:01 when the pass hit out of bounds.
RULING: A, 4/10, B-30, ready (25). Illegal pass to conserve time. After 5-yard penalty with LOD from the spot of the pass, the game clock will start on the referee’s signal. There is no option for a 10-second subtraction, since the foul occurred with more than 0:59 in the second period.
3. 3/10 @ A-10. QB A12 retreats into the end zone and then passes forward to ineligible A70 who, while in his end zone, catches the pass and is downed after having advanced to the three-yard line. All eligible receivers had released downfield.
RULING: A, 4/17, A-3, ready (25). Illegal touching. The 5 yard penalty penalty from the previous spot would place the ball at the A-5, and the down would be repeated. Team B will clearly decline the penalty.
It is a stretch, but, if the passer is throwing the ball to conserve yardage, i.e., he is under duress, a ruling of intentional grounding is possible. In that case, the result of the penalty would be a safety, 2 points for B, with a Free Kick from the A-20 to follow. Depending on time and score, Team B might still decline the penalty, to potentially get better field position after a probable 4th down punt.
4. 3/10 @ B-15. QB A12 rolls out and throws to the back of the end zone to A88. A88, just inside the end line jumps high into the air and gains firm control of the ball while airborne. A88 would have returned to the ground inbounds, but B44 makes legal contact with A88 and pushes A88 over the end line and A88 lands just outside of the field of play and maintains complete control of the ball throughout the process of contacting the ground.
RULING: A, 4/10, B-15, snap (40 and running). Incomplete forward pass. An airborne player must return to the ground inbounds OR be so HELD that he can’t return to the ground to complete a catch. In this case, he is blocked out of bounds before returning to the ground. This is simply an incomplete pass.
5. 2/5 @ B-20. Fourth quarter with the game clock running. Tackle B77 is in the neutral zone at the snap but does not make contact. QB A12 rolls out to pass, runs to the B-17 and throws a forward pass, which falls incomplete. The game clock reads 0:15 after the play.
RULING: A, 2/5, B-20, snap (25). The offside foul and the illegal forward pass foul offset, and the down is repeated at the previous spot. There is no adjustment to the clock.

6. 3/1 @ A-34. After the ball is ready for play, the Center Judge (or Umpire) is in his regular position with the game clock running. Team A quickly replaces some players with substitutes, gets set for the required one second and snaps the ball. The Center Judge (or Umpire) is attempting to get to the ball to allow the defense to match up, but he is unable to prevent the snap.
RULING: A, 3/1, A-34, ready (25). Team A may not snap the ball until Team B has had opportunity to make substitutions. The game is interrupted (no play). The ball is replaced at the succeeding spot, the play clock is set to 25 seconds, and both the play clock and the game clock will be started on the referee’s signal. Team A’s Head Coach is notified that a second occurrence of this will result in an unsportsmanlike conduct foul and penalty.

7. 1/10 @ B-30. (Assuming A44 is the ball carrier) A44 runs to the B-23 where B54 sticks out a foot and intentionally uses the lower leg to obstruct A44 below the knee. A44 goes down at the B-22.
RULING: A, 1/10, B-11, ready (25). Foul for tripping (even the BC may not be tripped). The 15-yard penalty is enforced from the end of the run (B-22), taking the ball to the B-11, with a first down.
8. 2/5 @ B-40. With the game clock running, snapper A54 lifts the ball before passing it backward and B50 bats the ball away. B77 recovers the ball at the B-42.
RULING: A, 2/10, B-45, ready (25). The snapper may not lift the ball before he starts the backward motion of the snap. The ball does not become alive. The 5-yard penalty for the illegal snap foul is enforced at the succeeding spot (B-40), taking the ball to the B-45, and 2nd down is continued. Team B commits no foul, since the ball was never alive. For the same reason, there is no ‘recovery’ by B.

Rob S:

--- Quote from: ElvisLives on June 11, 2021, 11:06:52 PM ---7. 1/10 @ B-30. (Assuming A44 is the ball carrier) A44 runs to the B-23 where B54 sticks out a foot and intentionally uses the lower leg to obstruct A44 below the knee. A44 goes down at the B-22.
RULING: A, 1/G, B-11, ready (25). Foul for tripping (even the BC may not be tripped). The 15-yard penalty is enforced from the end of the run (B-22), taking the ball to the B-11, with a first down.

--- End quote ---

Agree, except 1/10, not 1/G from the B-11.


--- Quote from: Rob S on June 13, 2021, 03:25:31 PM ---Agree, except 1/10, not 1/G from the B-11.

--- End quote ---

Of course. What was I thinking? Geez. Thanks.

S/B said ING at No. 3. As I stated, it was a stretch, with the info given. If the passer is still in the tackle box, he must - in our judgment - be attempting to conserve yardage, to warrant ING. There was no indication of the passer attempting to conserve yardage, like "...under a heavy rush..." or "...about to be tackled..."  With that kind of information, yeah, we could get to ING, without hesitation. But, without it, A12 may have been thinking A70 was A20, or some other 'eligible' player.  You could even apply this to a situation with A20 catching the pass, but A20 was 'covered' at the snap, because end A88 was too far forward (supposed to be in the backfield), so, A20 isn't eligible; but A12 doesn't really know that, and there is no attempt to conserve yardage. Just ITP.

If y'all haven't noticed, S/B aren't designing unique questions. They are grabbing existing ARs and throwing them at us, some totally intact, some slightly modified. Not saying good or bad, just FYI.

I had it as ING, even though they didn't clearly state it.  Unfortunately, we sometimes have to try to decipher what they are implying.  And with all other eligible receivers going downfield, I had assumed they wanted an ING.

That's not ideal, having to read between the lines and assume.  On the other hand, I imagine that writing quizzes is hard work.  And sometimes things are perfectly clear to the test writer, while a bit opaque to the rest of us.

Anyway, regarding your hypothetical, the QB throwing it to A20, who was covered by A88, I can't imagine an ING would ever be justified in such a case.  I can't see ever being able to justify that was intentional.  Illegal Touching, yes, but not ING in your hypothetical.


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