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After reading through some of these, I couldn't help but post:

Cross-over game where both teams are out of the playoffs, but had a good enough record for the extra game.  Visiting team Coach apparently got shafted by some formula that had a lower ranked team pushed ahead of him.  He is a very accomplished basketball official and I have officiated with him in a rec flag football league.

His star QB is running a sweep and keeps it himself.  As he get close to the tackler, he swings his hand striking the player in the helmet.  I keep pace with the play, I drop my flag at the foul.  As I'm finishing the play, I hear: "Eric, how can you call that....You know he didn't mean it!!" 

Head Coach w/20+ years at school
Referee w/25+ years in chapter

Before the game they are chatting and the Coach says "You've gotten fat since the last time I saw you".

Without skipping a beat, Referee says "Now that we've established that, which 20 yd line would you like to kick from?"

Thought I would crack up laughing at both....... ^flag ;D

Coach comes to me and says "Ref the defensive line is cut blocking my offensive linemen." "And.....the problem is?" "They can't do that!" I didn't respond and watched the next play ...... THERE WAS NO ONE ON THE GROUND!
"Ref they are cut blocking my offensive linemen!" "Coach, for the second play in a row there is no one on the ground." "I don't care, they are cut blocking!" "Coach do you understand that there is a free blocking zone?" "You mean there is one?"

At halftime I asked if we could switch sides. It was just too rediculous to describe. 

Had a varsity game as the R this year with one of the habitual "whinning" coaches in our association.  First play, visitors havent even handed off the ball yet and all i hear is HOLDING! from the sideline.  Then he spends a fair amount of time on my LJ about the opponent not lining up on the line of scrimmage.  After a coaches conference for that, then he belly aches because we dont have a loss of down on ineligible down feild.  The last play of the first half he throws a 50 yard bomb and kicks the extra point for a 28-0 lead and then gripes about wanting roughing the kicker.  Going off the field he wants to chat.  I figure ok because I have now decided it will be mine turn to talk.  I listened to him and now it's my turn, rather LOUDLY.  (I had told my umpire that I didn't care if we got cut or not but I wasn't taking it for another half.)  I told the coach he ought to join our association because he can see better on the sidelines than any one of us 5 on the field.  And I just pretty much laid into him about everything. Finally he told me I didn't have to holler  and I said why not, you have been doing it to me for the last hour.  A few weeks later I ran into him at a JV game and he and the other coach and I were talking and they were pretty much wearing out another official in our association.  Finally I looked at the coach and said "You need to take back everything you said and thought about my crew."  He just turned around laughing and then told me you got me on that one.  Things have been good with him since!

Long, long ago my father warned me, "Never trust people who talk to you about others, because they always talk the same way about you, to others dumb enough to listen."


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