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What a way to start the season

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First game of the season,  three ejections for fighting and 12 personal fouls. 

LJ had two players fighting and stated that a third player came out of nowhere and like a WWE wrestler coming off the top rope landed on the two fighting and started getting in his shots. 

Three other episodes of wrestling no fists but off setting PF's, and a few late hits.  Didn't realize going into the game that these teams did not like each other.  How could I it was their first meeting, I feel for next years crew.

Ouch!  Was this a varsity game?  Where were the coaches?  Did they try to calm the teams downa and play football (apparently NOT!)?

How long was the post-game report to the state association?

Well, think of it like this - there's nowhere to go but up for the rest of the season! ^TD

Fred, saw the film and not a coach left the sideline and yes it was varsity.   End men said neither coach addressed the situation on the sideline.

Report took about 45 minutes, including getting all information from the crew and submitting the report.

I hope the state association has a little sit-down with both programs.....

I don't know if we've just been lucky or if the penalty is really a deterrent.  We haven't had any fights (yet).  Virginia mandates a 2-game suspension if a player is ejected for fighting and a 1-game suspension for any other ejection.  That means they are going to sit out around 20% of the season for throwing a punch.  Virginia added another rule this year making the regular season suspension rules active even during scrimmages and jamborees.  So a player ejected for fighting during the last scrimmage before the season starts, will sit out the first two games of the season.


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