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Football in New York City?

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Chalk this up as my stupid question for the year.

There's a chance I may be relocating to New York City next spring. What's the officiating situation in NYC? Are there associations or are officials coordinated with the NYSPHSAA? How realistic is be able to call football games if you're living in Manhattan with no car? Where do they play the games?

Anyone who has any information is welcome to either post it here or send me info privately if you'd prefer. I'm a lifelong southerner, so the culture shock quotient is pretty high. Don't know how I'll survive living in a place where football isn't a recognized religion!  :bOW

I am a lifelong Southerner also, and was in New York two Friday's ago.  On three different TV stations, not a single mention of a high school football score.

This may help

Wow, pretty good fee schedule.

Yeah, but cost of living's so much higher.


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