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Football in New York City?

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Ref in SoCA:

--- Quote from: busman on November 16, 2009, 03:54:34 PM ---Wow, pretty good fee schedule.

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But, I believe, it's 4-man mechanics and you live in New York City.

Welpe, I was mostly curious about the differences in football at the high school, middle school level and officiating in general.  I've heard before from people who come here from out of state and are amazed at the Friday night spectacle that is Texas high school football.  I suppose when you grow up with it, you don't know anything different.

Man, I was ready for going from 6 to 5 on a Friday night, but 6 to 4? Yikes. Glad I'm an umpire!

If you get the Sports Package on DirecTV, there are a few channels that show what appears to be NYC area football games, replays I guess.  Also I've noticed one shows a highlight & scores program late on Friday/early Saturday morning.  Can't remember the exact channel and I assume since the season is essentially over, it will be hard to locate now.  Maybe they'll have some playoff games on.

If I think of it or can find it, I'll post.

Try channels 639: SNY, 634: MSG.  They have some alternate channels in those ranges also.

In the NYC area most high school games are played on Saturday afternoon. Many of the schools do not have lights.  In New York, there is not the big conflict on Saturday with college FB like in the South.


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