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What else can happen tonight


Varsity Game Last week... Started Off with a Late hit on the opening Kick off.. Visiting team has 6 penaltys in the first quarters ALL 15 yarders.....He calls time out say's He knows that his team is making some stupid penalties. But can I catch the other team doing something wrong...  Then it calms down and all is going fine then all of a sudden the Sprinkler system comes on....Head Coach is the only person that knows how to turn it off. So he runs accross the the field behind the bleachers somewhere to turn it off. had a second so I went over and told the coach "look I found something there team did wrong. They are watering at night...  First time I saw the coach smile all night.....

We had that situation happen right before half in an NCAA D2 game.  They only went on one end of the field, which happen to be the way the team was driving.  On 4th down following it, the coach wanted us to move the ball to the other end of the field so his kicker would have better footing.  Might have thought it was done intentionally, but the AD told us the same thing happened right in the middle of last spring's graduation as the chancellor was walking to the stage!


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