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Do you be selfish or do what is best for the game?


I have been listening to tales from one particular official who goes on about working this playoff game at 65% and this one at 70% and on and on. I have not called for many years, but I think that you physically unable to do the best job available because you are hurt or sick you should pull yourself out the game and get some one more able. I know officials are competitive all, but not being able to do 100% seems to be cheating the game. Let me know if anyone else feels that way.

This is closely related to the subject you are familiar with that we have discussed with regards to those chapters where some guys work a varsity game Thurs, fri and Sat while others do not work even one night.  If there are adequate replacements (and there most always is), one should defer if he is unable to give his best effort.  Problem is many guys  ( like athletes) think that when they are at 65% they are still better than others who are at 100%.

Thanks, this guy is always bragging and going on and I think that if I am not 100% I should be fair to the coaches and kids. But again this guy is a legend in his own mind.


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