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"Hidden" Changes - 2011 NCAA Rules

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I like that change. I always hated that I had to remember the difference between RTP and RTK.

El Macman:
This is a HUGE change in philosophy of how the game is to be played - not just an 'editorial' change. Not exonerating a B rusher even when blocked by Team A was a VERY conscious decision by the rulesmakers several decades ago. For it to be changed 'editorially' seems a bit trivializing, when, if fact, this is a HUGE change. 

[Exception: If the passer is or has been outside the tackle box he may throw the ball so that it crosses or lands beyond the neutral zone or neutral zone extended
(Rule 2-19-3) (A.R. 7-3-2-VIII). This applies only to the player who receives the snap  

Is this a new one too?

Yep.  Another snuck in there.  Although I don't think I have ever seen a player who did not get the original snap throw a pass that might or might not have been grounding.  Seems like a very, very rare possibility but at least now it is covered. 

Definition for back changed to "break waistline of nearest lineman" as opposed to "rearmost part
other than legs" 2-27-4-d

Definition of goal line now includes pylon (2-12-2) and goal line not extended for airborne player. 4-2-4


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