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I was WHing a game in the norwegian under-19 league. The home team score and send on their FG-team for the PAT. I tell one of the players coming in just as he's crossing the numbers "Son, I think you forgot something"
"What do you mean?"
"You're not wearing a helmet"
*Touches his head*"Oh!"


In a  Sunday youth league game, 10/11 year olds...

The center for one team has three snap infractions in a row.  Coach calls time out, joggs out to the huddle and asks the kid what in the world is going on? 

Kid says, "coach, somebody keeps yelling in my ear!" 
Coach replies, "it's the quarterback calling the signals!"

Saturday night I had a varsity game between two small schools.

Team A lines up in an unbalanced line formation. QB runs up an sticks his hands on under the left guard instead of the center. Guard jumps up and ask QB what the heck he was doing. I was laughing to hard to throw a flag for the false start.

Several years ago in a freshman game I was the R (3 man).  After spotting the ball and whistled ready for play I yelled 3rd down. The QB looked at me and said how could it be 3rd down,we've only run 2 plays. I said to him that's why its 3rd down and he looked down and said oh yea, you're right. 


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