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A friend in OTT has a kid playing youth ball under CAN rules (3 downs, etc.).  They showed me a play they got away with that is illegal for NFHS.  Just curious if it is too for CAN/CFL Rules.

The old "center snaps the ball, QB touches it while lineman then takes it from the center as he's still holding it to his butt" play.
Reading NFHS 7-2-4 it's illegal: A snap shall be such that the ball immediately leaves the hand or hands of the snapper and touches a backfield player or the ground before it touches an A lineman. A scrimmage down must start with a legal snap. An illegal snap causes the ball to remain dead.

What's the story in CAN? - thanks

Legal so long as the lineman is at least a yard off the LS.


--- Quote from: JugglingReferee on June 22, 2015, 06:33:10 AM ---Legal so long as the lineman is at least a yard off the LS.

--- End quote ---
If the lineman is one yard off the LOS, is he really a lineman?

Sorry - I meant after the snap, and when he received the ball.


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