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Last play of the game. Visiting team leads by one point. 23 seconds left on the clock, last play inbounds. Visitors have the ball, 3D and 8 on the home side's 32.

With the clock running and showing 5 seconds left, the visiting (A) team QB takes the snap and starts running backwards, towards the 55. When the clock goes to 00, the quarterback stops. However, he is immediately tackled, and stripped of the ball.
B recovers the ball at the 55. At this point all the following happen about simultaneously:
a) fans from the both the home and visiting team pour onto the field, celebrating.
b) a B team player recovers the loose ball and begins sprinting to the endzone, and in short order, scores a touchdown.
c) players from the visiting team bench flood onto the field, some celebrating, apparently, a win.
d) players from the home team bench flood onto the field, some celebrating, apparently, a win.
e) a melee breaks out at the B45 involving fans and players. During the melee, and just as or after the fumble-recoverer scores an apparent touchdown, two B players engage in acts of RP.

Standard Canadian rules: what the HECK do you do? Please note location of next play, if any.

PS: Officials felt that players/fans of both sides interfered with the play, to both the aid and detriment of both sides, including the ability of A players to see the turnover, react to it, and pursue the B player who recovered the loose ball.

PPS: this actually happened.

From what I read you've got a dual unauthorized interference.  In the end, I think you're going to get differing opinions from about just as many people you ask.

In your alphabetical list, you mentioned that the elements happened "about simultaneously".  That's ok, but we still need to know what happened first.

Because you said that A was hindered from even knowing that there was a fumble recovery, then I'm leaning towards B UI first.  This means that I would not award nor allow a TD.  However, Team A players subsequently being flagged for an act that could award a TD.

You can't apply a foul where a TD is definitely not scored and award a TD.  (2nd LBI in a dual LBI is treated as a 10-yard foul.)

And A's actions under 1-13-4b were significantly more egregious than a simple 10-yard foul, I would enforce more than a 10-yard foul.

So I would apply L10 from PBH for the B interference.  As you mentioned, the fumble recovery happened at the 55.  Let's say he gained 5 yards before B players/fans entered the field.  So PBH is the Team A 50.  This takes us to the Team B 50.  Then I would enforce half-the-distance to A's goal, with 3 guaranteed plays.  This takes us to the Team A 30.  Then the two RPs must be enforced.  This takes us back to the Team B 30 yard line, with with 3 guaranteed plays.

I think this is fair for everyone as it incorporates all the rules available to us.  It's also easy to understand and follows conventional penalty enforcement: apply at points of application in the order they happened.

B could have been in decent shape, if they hadn't had the two RPs, which also makes sense because those two fouls never need to happen.

What did you do?

Is there a YouTube clip?

Checked for a YouTube clip - there's nuttin.

I won't tell you what our crew did: I want to see what others would do ... kinda a rules challenge. Pretend you have 1,000 fans, 90 football players and two coaches offering advice. :)

Let me hint at our thought process: how do you apply penalties without defined/set yardage applications when they are part of a dual-foul situation?


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