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What's the best way to begin NCAA rules study?

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I have been officiating under NFHS rules for the last few years.  I want to begin learning NCAA Football rules.  I don't expect to need them much in 2011 other than spring scrimmages, but maybe some time down the road.  How do you recommend I begin my rules study?  Do you have any tips?   Thanks!


I suggest you read up on the rules differences.

I've attached a 2009 document from our college group.


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No better way then buying the Redding Study Guide to NCAA Football. I would 1st go thru/study/highlight the chapter on penalty enforcement, then major fouls, then depending on your position, go from there. If you are going to be a deep official, next go thru the kicking game, but if a short wing, maybe the running game would be next. The Redding book is great as it goes into the philosophy of the rules and gives many examples like those in the NFHS Case Book.

I also would recommend the Football Rules Differences Book, which compares NFHS to NCAA rules. It is a great book to see the differences that exist between them, with play scenarios to support the differences.

Good luck, and enjoy!!!

All of these are good ideas. The study guide (no longer actually put out by RR but still bearing his name, apparently) is excellent. Paul Whiteside had for many years edited a book highlighting rules differences (I'm sure you can find it on Honig's website).

As for the actual rules book, you can download it for free from the NCAA. I would recommend you start, as my mentor always said, with Rule 2. Definitions are the basis of EVERYTHING (BTW, I was quite pleased when RR said essentially the same thing at a clinic I attended this year).

Good luck. Don't hesitate to snag a few of Rom Gilbert's quizzes. His explanations are helpful. Ask local collegiate officials if you can pester them with questions once you've started. Most will be quite willing to help.

Grant - AR:
These are good suggestions...and, as you've already done, you can always post your questions out here.  I'm sure there are others who would be helped by the answers to any questions you might have.


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