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Arkansas Vandy Ejection play

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wv ref:
Just wanted to make sure my logic on this play is right.  HS guys before you respond please make sure you are familiar with NCAA rules.

Wade was properly ejected for a flagrant foul becase he 1) targeted a defenseless player and 2) led with the crown of his helmet.  The second one being the major reason for the ejection

The Vanderbilt player gave an invalid fair catch signal which  causes the ball to become dead when possessed by the receiving team.

What should of happened.

Because there were 2 fouls on the same thing the option is that of the official between

 Kick Catch Interference ( 15 yards from the spot)

Flagrant Personal Foul ( 15 yards from the succeeding spot)

The ball should have been dead as soon as it was picked up then there would have been a 15 yard penalty from that spot.  Since they picked it up in ran it should have been a delay of game on Vandy, but since there was not a whistle a) they probably didn't see the singal b) since there was no whistle its had to penalize vandy for taking off.

Either choice of penalty does not effect the state of the ejection.

Finally since they did let vandy run back the ball the choice was made to go with the personal foul call since it would allow 15 yards to be tacked to the end of the run.... therefore not sure why vandy declined the penalty

It wasnt an INVALID fair catch signal.  He was shielding his eyes from the sun.  The ball remains live and in play.

wv ref:
just to clarify:  when I referred to an illegal fair catch signal I was referring to his left hand, not his right one above his head.  I initially thought he waived his left had for a fair catch now I am not sure he wasn't just trying to keep his balance.  but seems like it could deff be close to an invalid signal.

In the first part of the video, it did look like he gave an invalid fair catch signal with his left hand.  The close up replay showed he did not, in my opinion.

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I see no signal   And since the crew let the play continue they saw no invalid signal so erase the delay of game foul from consideration. 

The KCI has a specified enforcement spot so cannot be tacked on.  However, they could have have tacked on the personal foul targeting from the end of B's return.


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