Author Topic: KHSAA to Schools: No More Post-game Handshakes  (Read 3195 times)

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KHSAA to Schools: No More Post-game Handshakes
« on: October 08, 2013, 07:10:22 PM »
From the Louisville Courier-Journal. [/b]

The Kentucky High School Athletic Association announced Tuesday a directive that schools no longer participate in postgame handshakes.

Citing more than two dozen incidents during the last three years in which fights and physical conflicts have occurred in Kentucky, the KHSAA issued the directive for the sports of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, volleyball and wrestling.

If schools choose to ignore the directive, it is the responsibility of game management and administrators to supervise the activity and report any incidents to the KHSAA. If postgame fights or conflicts occur, the KSHAA will fine the school's athletic program and additional penalties may occur.

The KHSAA also is mandating that officials leave the playing field immediately at the conclusion of a contest. Officials participating in postgame activities will be penalized.

“It is disappointing that this action has become necessary, but enough incidents have occurred both in our state and in others that the necessity has arrived,” the KHSAA said in a news release.

Jerry Wyman, director of athletics for Jefferson County Public Schools, said athletic directors will meet Thursday to discuss a blanket policy for area schools.

Male athletic director John Kelsey said he hopes there's a compromise available to meet the KHSAA and keep the postgame handshake.

“People are going to think we're being bad sports if we don't shake hands,” Kelsey said. “Hopefully we can come up with something.”

In a separate article...

Kentucky House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover on Tuesday ripped a new rule by the KHSAA that discourages schools form allowing students to shake hands following sporting events, saying the association's commissioner and board members should be sacked.
“I am so upset. Julian Tackett, the commissioner, and any other KHSAA board member who supported this policy should be IMMEDIATELY AND FORTHWITH FIRED!” Hoover, a Jamestown Republican and a former high school football player, wrote on Facebook.
In his post, Hoover wrote the decision was a “clear sign of stupidity.”
The decision was made after several fights and altercations in recent years as athletes shook hands at the end of games. The policy change appears to be a recommendation as much as a directive.
The only penalty for schools that disobey the order would come in the form of fines, only if the post-game handshake were to result in an altercation.
State Sen. Robin Webb, D-Grayson, jumped in, responding to Hoover's Facebook post, calling for a new law overturning the Kentucky High School Athletic Association ruling.
“I think we should file a bill, to override. My son coaches high school and middle school soccer we have so many good kids and coaches, it is an insult to the majority!” she wrote.
Later, in response to another commenter on Facebook who called for more oversight, Hoover responded, “(I)f I don't do anything else come General Assembly 2014 session, you can bet your last $$$ that the General Assembly will have some say about ‘oversight and management and function’ of KHSAA…..count on it.”
When Hoover took to Twitter to vent his frustration there, Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer wrote, “These folks at KHSAA aren't known for great decisions for student-athletes. This one is the worst.”
This isn't the first time legislators have threatened to rein in the KHSAA. There was talk of legislative action when the association considered private public and private school championships and when it considered new eligibility rules aimed at private schools.
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Re: KHSAA to Schools: No More Post-game Handshakes
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2013, 09:19:26 AM »
I agree with officials leaving the field immediately as nothing good can come of officials participating in post game activities,  but what are they considering Post game activities?  Does running off the field and your chain crew or a coach reach out to shake your hand get you fined?
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