Author Topic: FYI , how new rules are made :  (Read 869 times)

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FYI , how new rules are made :
« on: May 14, 2014, 09:22:47 AM »
Being the off-season ,with little to argue about, I felt you guys might have interest in our procedure :

  A. Pre-meeting

    1. Committee members are supplied with 3 request forms.
      a. Rule change proposals
      b. Editorial change proposals
      c. Officials manual changes
    2. Members are allowed to ask for suggestions but all proposals need to be approved by
       state associations.

    3. Proposals need to be at NFHS by Nov. 1 and include rule numbers effected, rationale
       for change and ,for rule changes, case plays.

    4. Members are supplied with entire change proposals by mid-December.

 A. Rules Committee Meeting- late January

    1. Friday- the gathering
      a. all members are assigned to one of 4 subcommittees
      b. Subcommittee chairmen meet, others eAt& gather for "war stories" yEs:

   2. Saturday - the meeting
      a. Full meeting, discussion of expermental rules, injury reports and NCAA/NFHS meeting
      b. Subcommittees, each assigned equal # rule proposals, discuss merits of each and
          take straw votes.
      c. Full meeting to discuss straw results of each subcommittee
      d. Subcommittes meet again and take final vote of proposals to go to floor
      e. eAt& eAt& deadhorse: yEs:
      f. Final agenda supplied to all members
      g. Optional discussion meeting - lobbying & debating invited yEs: yEs: yEs:

   3. Sunday - the voting

     a. final debates and votes taken on proposed rule changes - super (2/3) majority needed
     b. state of high school football discussed
     c. Editorial Committee meets to write new rules & cases
     d. Game officials Manual committee meets to vote on proposed changes.

 C. Post-meeting

  1. NFHS Board of Directors meet to formally approve proposed rule changes
  2. Press release published for the media and all interested parties.
  3. Let the agruements begin... :!# ::) deadhorse: LOL pi1eOn hEaDbAnG ^flag