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HOF by losing coin toss.....
« on: November 29, 2017, 09:45:18 AM »
HOF opened in 1936 with super stars.

In 1937, it was felt that some executives should be added...

Ban Johnson was a shoo-in ,organized American League  and was it's first president for many years.

The HOF was new and didn't want to anger anyone, so it was felt they should also induct the first president of the National League ::)....

The National League was founded in 1876.

The team owners felt they needed to have a president.

PROBLEM : No one wanted to be president.

SOLUTION : The owners felt it should be a businessman - they felt it should be a cattle baron from Chicago or Morgan Buckeley from Hartford.

AGAIN PROBLEM : Neither of them wanted to be it.

SLOVED BY : A coin toss between the two, loser became president. Ole' Morgan lost ^good.

Morgan served as National League President for one year. The National League had but one meeting during that year. MR. B didn't bother to attend it. He got out of baseball the following year to pursue such mundane things as :

  Becoming Governor of Connecticut
  Founding Aetna Insurance Co.
    among others.

If you have been around the Hartford area, you may have crossed the Buckeley Bridge or attended Buckley High School. To have a bridge and a school named after you is quite a honor.

Ole' Morgan is also the only HOF member to have served in the Civil War (to some :), "the war of northern aggression" ). As he was a private in McCellan's Army.

....As Paul Harvey used to say...