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Week 8
« on: October 17, 2020, 11:05:05 AM »
The 8th Friday night of the season is behind us. Had a smooth-as-silk game last night. Great weather. Plastic grass (SOOOO much easier on these old legs). Everything fell into place, for a change. Game Admin met us when we arrived. Visited with coaches on time (on the field). Got game balls checked quickly and easily (all fully inflated, too!). GCO and PCO met us at dressing room on time, for good pre-game instructions. On field at 30 mins before KO. Checked field. Put pylons in correct positions. Asked end zone camera to be moved back several feet to behind limit line. Coin toss on time at 3 mins before KO. Only a handful of fouls; nothing complicated. Coaches and teams well behaved. Good clear sidelines. Clocks well managed - just one minor hiccup (B told me later that PCO stopped play clock when A sent in late sub and we jumped in to prevent snap until B had opportunity to match up). Chain crew exceptionally good. On their own - they had a fifth guy charting down/distance/location, in case we needed to re-position for some reason. Nice. And a large box of fried chicken strips and brownies in the dressing room. Can't hardly ask for more.
I did mention to the Game Admin that it would be so very helpful - for US and THEM - if they would get a referee's field mic. Truthfully, every school can afford one - they ain't expensive. This school, in particular, has a healthy fund balance from oil tax revenue, and can easily afford even a TELEX system.

It is definitely a different season. Every week we have got a cancelation or two - mostly of sub-varsity, but some varsity. It seems that most of the schools that must cancel do what quarantining they must do, and then get back on the field a couple of weeks later. And the opponents that lose a game by a cancelation are able to find somebody else that is available (usually for the same reason), and they play each other, even if they are different classes. They just want to play.
But, the vast majority of schools are moving along with no problems. Three weeks of regular season remaining for 1A thru 4A. Several weeks beyond that for 5A and 6A.
Some of our brothers have been affected, but nearly all have got through it with no major or lasting ill effects. Almost all are back on the field. Some exceptions, of course. One of ours is in ICU, now. We are thinking of him and his family, but carrying on, as he wants us to do.

Let's keep gettin' it done.

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Re: Week 8
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2020, 02:39:56 PM »
I hope these schools will realize it is acceptable in the future to play varsity games on days other than Friday.  We have them playing Wednesday thru Friday.  Due to make-up dates coming up some will be playing on Monday.  Lets make this the norm beyond Covid.  We've been fortunate with the health of officials.  We've been keeping 2 guys at a time in quarantine.  The most we had that were positive all were before the scrimmages so they quickly recovered.  Now we are just getting guys quarantined due to be a close contact with someone.  It seems like 2 will come out of quarantine and get replaced by 2 more.  One guy who tested positive in the summer benefited by it.  He was somewhat overweight and due to losing his ability to taste and smell he ended up losing about 45 lbs.  He was appreciative of that involuntary diet.