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Quick Snap Down (A variation)
« on: September 24, 2010, 08:26:28 AM »
I'm re-posting under this subject as some may have thought that it was meant just for Atlanta Blue. I've also post AB's insightful comments.

However, as this situation is closely alligned with "a quick snap down", I'd like to get other members' thoughts on the play as well.

Had a coach advise us pre-game that he would occasionally run an unbalanced formation and, in certain circumstances, he would SHIFT AN INTERIOR (BUT NOT RESTRICTED) LINEMAN to ANOTHER POSITION ON THE LINE - creating the strong side. He advised that the interior lineman would come to the LOS and remain in a two-point stance, would not have his hand on or near the ground, and would would move "extremely slowly" so as not to simulate action at the snap.  He did indicate that he might use this in a "3rd/4th down and <5 to go" situation and this "could cause the defense to encroach".

Since any offensive player may shift - and interior linemen don't become restricted until their hand(s) are on or near the ground, we advised him that, under the strict conditions he outlined, the play appeared "legal".

Sure enough, 4th and 4, 4th quarter, he ran the "shift" drawing the defense offside.

I know what 7-1-7 says and have read all the case book plays.  We allowed it - but it still gives me heartburn.  I'd also have heartburn if we prevented an offense from using a legal tactic (a shift),  I know AB would never run this play....

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    Re: Quick Snap Down
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Curious, I've had the exact situation you describe a few times.  We're always very strict about applying the term "simulate action at the snap" on those occasions.

What I've found is that it's the action of the quarterback, rather than the linemen, that determines whether it's a false start.  When it's a routine "flip-flop" of the strength of the formation, the QB never goes under center until the shift is complete.  When they're really trying to get the free 5 yards, the QB is invariably either under center, or calling signals of some sort.


Back to you AB (and anybody else): Excellent "mechanic" (QB waitng for the shift to be completed); but, while I agree that the QB is most likely to be the center of such controversial acts (head-bob, etc), in the case of a shift like I described, should we consider the move illegal simply if he has taken his position under center - without any other dubious movement?

Actually might be a good "legality barometer" for such a contentious situation... 

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Re: Quick Snap Down (A variation)
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2010, 09:39:58 AM »
Keeping in mind some sage advice that, "You can draw a picture of a beautifule woman, but you can't make love to it", the most carefully designed, and even practiced and rehearsed, play may sound perfect when described, but that may not have anything to do with how it gets executed.