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National Football League / Re: Minneapolis Game.
« Last post by bbeagle on Today at 09:50:22 AM »
As my murky memory recalls...
 (1) Pats vs divisional opponent ;
 (2) Pats down by a few with less that a few sec. left;
 (3) Brady tosses a Hail Mary from mid-field;
 (4) ball falls harmlessly in EZ;
 (5)  z^^flag for DPI = 1st & goal;
 (6) Pats score TD with clock @ 0:00;
 (7)  >:( >:( opponents refuse to play on PAT;
 (8) kick-holder strolls in for 2 - Pats win by 5;
 (9) later in the season the same team beats Pats by 4;
 (10) teams are tied in standings > head-on results > split > total points in head-on games > Pats by 1;

IF the opponents had bothered to show up for PAT;
IF the Pats kicked;
IF the total pts. in head-on games were tied.....

I assume out would come the two-headed coin >:D >:D


1998. Week 13. Bills (7-4) at Patriots (6-5).

Bills won first meeting 13-10.
Bills were up 21-17. Patriots scored with :00 making it Patriots 23-21.
Patriots ran the ball into the end zone for 2, making the final score 25-21. Bills defense refused to come out.

Video of the play:

The Bills ended the season at 10-6, the patriots at 9-7. So tie-breakers  were not affected.

National Federation Discussion / Re: 7-man....anyone ????
« Last post by BIG UMP on Today at 09:41:06 AM »
One official, thanks but no thanks.  The second play they're going to ask about PI, how far are you going to let them push my receiver, how soon can he block my defender, etc, etc.
NCAA Discussion / Re: Blocks Below the Waist
« Last post by bossman72 on Today at 09:25:41 AM »
There was a very good play about this on Walt Anderson's weekly teleconference either this year or last.

Basically, his philosophy was that you can't go "straight through" the blocker low to make the tackle.  That's a foul.  But, if you are diving to make the tackle and your body indirectly whips around or ends up hitting the blocker low, then that's ok.
General Discussion / Re: New NFL No Kneel Rule has no teeth
« Last post by bossman72 on Today at 09:21:51 AM »
Can one of the admins not delay the inevitable and just lock this thread now?  lol
National Federation Discussion / 7-man....anyone ????
« Last post by Ralph Damren on Today at 08:00:57 AM »
Maine is rarely the vanguard in any football event (except fake FG + bat toward EZ + K scoops & runs = TD...prompting the addition of 9-7-3) and we've been asked to provide one official for a 7-man passing league. We are told he should position in A's backfield and utter a count to 4 and if a pass isn't made it results in a sack (no one's rushing). This is all new to us, but bet it isn't to you guys and any suggestions/rules/guidelines would be welcomed.

 ^no ^TD ^good :!# ::) ??? :o

                THANKS , tiphat:
General Discussion / Re: New NFL No Kneel Rule has no teeth
« Last post by Etref on Today at 06:44:58 AM »
The new rule is pretty pathetic!
General Discussion / Re: New NFL No Kneel Rule has no teeth
« Last post by bama_stripes on Today at 05:52:24 AM »
The solution is simple:  Keep the teams in the locker room (or tunnel) until the anthem has been played.  They can stand, kneel, or (whatever) all they want.

"The answer is 'money'.  What's your question?"
National Federation Discussion / Re: Touching the goal post
« Last post by bama_stripes on Today at 05:44:58 AM »
The most likely time to have a safety awarded for IP is when K's punter is lined up very deep in his EZ and steps on the end line before he receives the snap.

("Most likely" is a relative term.  I've had this exactly once in my career.)
General Discussion / Re: New NFL No Kneel Rule has no teeth
« Last post by Kalle on Today at 04:39:24 AM »
"We'll have everyoneTrump fooled into thinking we really are concerned about this!"

Sorry, could not resist, I usually try to stay out of the US politics related discussions...
General Discussion / Re: New NFL No Kneel Rule has no teeth
« Last post by BrendanP on Today at 01:21:47 AM »
I think this is absolutely disgusting and appalling. The NFL today bowed down to every racist in America by passing this. To me it is incredible that allowing domestic abusers/wife-beaters/rapists to play in the NFL is A-ok but somebody kneeling during the national anthem and everybody loses it.
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